Brian Snyder


I have had gourmet pizza all over the U.S., from New York and Philly to Chicago and L.A. and hundreds of spots in-between. I’ve also tested high-end pizza in Europe, including Venice, Paris, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam and dozens of other cities.
My previous-favorite pizza happened in the small town of Alvignac, France. That was a memorable pie. No other pizza I’ve had since has been so absolutely perfect and delicious, until Cibo Rustico. This place makes pizza on par with the best in the world, it is truly a delight.
The flavors & textures blend beautifully out of the wood-fired oven. We also had salads and dessert, and everything was fantastic. This is the kind of good food, clearly prepared with love, that makes my body happy – I felt an internal glow when we left. And it happened on our second visit as well, so I’m pretty sure that I’ll become a regular.
This place is not be missed, and well worth any drive.

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